Weekend Adventures

We believe that getting out into nature is a fundamental part of wellness. Our weekends are typically spent exploring Oregon and Washington's trails and mountains. We were thrilled that we were able to finish our intended hike today; this winter was a doozy and many of the trails we've gone to have been covered in many feet of snow (even in July), or blocked by 20+ downed trees. We hope that you all did something enjoyable this weekend. 

Saturday: Mountain Biking - Mount Saint Helens Ape Canyon to Plains of Abraham - roughly 17 miles

Dr. B back in the saddle following a Bennett's Fracture (thumb). 


Sunday: Hiking - Flag Point via High Prairie Trailhead - 11.4 miles

These fire lookouts are staffed over the summer months. The gentleman staying at Flag Point invited us up. He used to be an engineer for Intel and after he left that job, has been on fire watch for the past 7 seasons, along with his 13 yo dog Abby. They were both lovely. 

Our dog Riley (pictured above) did not care for the flights of stairs and had to be carried both up and down (she weighs 60 lbs). 

Nice view of the transition from forest to high desert. 

Resource: Find your next adventure on Oregon Hikers Guide - https://www.oregonhikers.org/