“I am thankful for Dr. B at Purely Health Clinic. I haven't slept so well as since I came in for my visit. I really appreciate the time he spent with me going over labs and action plan."

"This is my second naturopath for the same issue and I felt SO much more heard and understood this time. Further, the suggestions all made sense and felt rooted in what was best for me. AND they were backed up with research that she gave me!!! I felt confident in my next steps and I'm so happy with my first visit. Thank goodness for my acupuncturist's referral!”

“I also appreciated the flexibility of taking me on such short notice so early in the morning, all for my best interest. Further, I am so impressed with the amount of attention, care, and follow-up that I've received not only during but between appointments! Lastly, the holistic approach that is being taken to work on not only my eczema but my overall health helps me feel empowered. It feels good to be able to trust that Dr. Lee will think of possible causes or connections that I never would have, and it accordingly feels good to test those out too.”

"Very thoughtful and thorough exam. Thank you!"